Welcome to Syria – Teach for hope’s website, 

This platform has been built, with one goal in mind, being educational as well as facilitating discussion.

For our wish is to give you extensive information on the work of the organization, its ties with the Foundation Kayany, and the schools built in the Bekaa valley. Many times we went there and will continue to visit the refugee camps. Our commitment is to share with you this experience. Photos, videos, testimonials will help you to have an idea of their daily life. You will also be able to follow up the construction of the schools, and progress in terms of access to education, in order to assess the work of the organization.

It’s also a place for discussion, because we are dedicated to make this project as collaborative as possible. We are expecting your comments, your suggestions of articles to put on the blog, and any idea of feasible projects. Together only, we will make a difference.