We firmly believe that the real long term response to the regime’s barbarism against his people lies in children’s education. The civil war which has plagued Syria for the past 4 years has displaced millions of people. As a result, in places such as the Bekka Valley in Lebanon, just miles from the Syrian border, over a million refugees survive in makeshift camps and tents.

Every day new camps populated by extremely impoverished and mostly illiterate people appear. Men try to find work in the fields while women stay in camps, tending to the countless bored children. If this situation continues, these children, who will have known only war and camps, will be easy prey for armed militia and extremist ideology. They will become “child solders ” with no moral values .

The only way to save the children from this horrendous fate is to fight barbarism with a solid secular education. We must urgently teach these children how to read, write, and count but also to teach them discipline, hygiene and nutrition!

Marie-Christine Boinet